wxWidgets 2.9.5 with Win32, Broadway and Wayland GDK backends allowed

wxWidgets 2.9.5 was officially released with many new amazing features. Lets look on some of them in detail.

wxGTK/Win32 port

wxGTK is a wxWidgets port that is based on GTK+ toolkit with X11 backend. In this release was added support for Win32 backend in addition to X11. wxMSW port is the best port under Windows, it uses system provided widgets not just emulates they behavior using themes. But sometimes it is needed to have GTK+ look and feel, integration with GTK+ widgets or just test and debug wxGTK based code under Windows. All this can be done in wxGTK/Win32 port. This port is designed as same as wxMSW port but it uses GTK+ widgets instead of native ones, so it will require minimal changes in application build process and developers can use Windows resource files in it. See screenshots and find the difference.

Minimal sample: GTK+2/Win32 vs Windows Controls

Calendar sample: GTK+2/Win32 vs Windows Controls

About dialog sample: GTK+2/Win32 vs Windows Controls

XRC sample: GTK+2/Win32 vs Windows Controls

wxGTK3/Broadway port

In wxWidgets 2.9.4 release was added support for GTK+ 3 toolkit. In this release developers can build applications with Broadway and Wayland GDK backends. Broadway backend can show wxWidgets applications in a web browser using HTML5 canvas and web sockets. Also there is some progress in porting wxPython to Broadway but this work isn’t finished yet.

Broadway under Linux with web browser under Windows

More advanced wxGTK3/Broadway sample

wxGTK3/Wayland port

Wayland is a replacement for X and wxGTK3/Wayland port will be very useful when most of desktop environments migrate to it in the next few years.

Minimal wxWidgets sample in Weston Compositor


Here is other significant changes and bug fixes and online documentation

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